Everything you need to know about throwing electronic appliances away

It seems to be so simple to go to the nearest trash container and dump your old mobile phone. What can be wrong with that?

Actually, there is a whole list of nuances you should be aware of. In the majority of situations, you are absolutely not allowed to throw your old electronic appliances to regular garbage containers. If this is the first time when you have to get rid of any such goods, it might be rather confusing for you. You are in the right place as we are going to discuss how you can throw away your old electronic appliances in a safe way.

Why can’t you just throw your electronic garbage away?

As we have just noted, there are many things you should be aware of when it comes to getting rid of your old electronics.

First of all, many items under this category are regarded as being simply too large for regular dumps. If you get one outside and leave it near a garbage container, you will be fined for that.

Secondly, many electronics using batteries can be extremely harmful for our planet and our own health as well because of the lead contained there. If it gets out of the battery which happens almost all the time when the battery corrodes and becomes damaged, it gets into the ground and water and is spread all around polluting the area.

There are also many other elements of electronic devices and appliances that can create severe pollution. These are various chemicals and heavy metals. No wonder such items have to be thrown away in an appropriate way.

What is the officially proper way of getting rid of your electronic garbage?

Here, everything depends on the size and nature of your electronics. Of course, small batteries do not require any special procedures except for throwing them to special containers for batteries that are usually installed in large shops and some other public places.

When it comes to anything larger, in all likelihood, it has to be taken by a special company. In such a case you will have to call it and, unfortunately, pay for it.

The controversy surrounding such practices

Needless to say, many people hate the fact such a service is not free of charge. On the one hand, there is definitely sense in financing such services as it will help to prevent people from throwing away dangerous objects anywhere they prefer. Still, there is another side of this situation.

It is our responsibility as of users to get rid of our garbage. We cannot just blame other people for not being happy about all of the garbage we are generating.

Actually, if people had to get into any trouble with throwing away any of their old possessions, they would be a way more careful about buying them in the first place and they will be literally pushed into conscious consumption.

Alternative ways of getting rid of old electronics

Still, there are various possibilities for getting rid of such electronic devices without a need to pay for it. In some cases, you might even be able to earn something for your garbage.

Of course, if your appliance is still working or it has some components that can be used in other devices when those are fixed, you can try to give your electronics for free to other people. You can also reach out for special ecological organisations which are usually interested in collecting electronics free of charge. Finally, you might be lucky enough to sell your device or at least sell some of its components.