Should Everyone Travel by Public Transport in Order to Minimize Air Pollution?

Some of the biggest challenges we are currently facing are environmental problems, specifically air pollution. Imagine living on a planet where everyone around you is environmentally conscious. That they even look for alternatives to lessen the effects of their choices and actions made for a sustainable and inhabitable environment.

One way to deal with nature protection and preservation and to help with handling environmental change is by using more public transportation services. In this article, we will tackle more about whether people should use public transport in order to minimize air pollution in the environment.

What is Public Transport?

In short, public transport is a system of vehicles like trains, taxis, and buses that transports a group of people in a scheduled time and fixed routes.

How can public transportation minimize air pollution?

Air pollution can be minimized by using public transportation to travel around regardless of the type of fuel used by the vehicles. For each individual that decides to walk or to take trains or buses, the number of toxic chemicals in the air decreases, because public transport carries a much larger group of passengers in comparison to using personal vehicles to travel which can only carry much fewer passengers.

A lot of people think it is better to use personal vehicles instead of public transport since it is less hassle. This would lead to much more vehicles being used on the roads and therefore, lead to more emissions of fuel residue like smoke which contains air pollutants.

Should everyone travel by public transport?

The answer is yes. Everyone should now travel by public transport. As it does not only benefit our environment but our health, as well. By implementing a more trusted and user-friendly means of transportation, it could help improve air quality such as in bustling and big cities.

The increasing amount of cars in a city can do harmful damage to our nature and human health. Carbon monoxide emitted from cars can damage the air quality which leads to respiratory diseases. Furthermore, air pollution is dangerous for children as they are still developing which leads them to be unsafe in the environment.