5 Reasons Why Sustainable Development is Important

By achieving gender equality, girls and women will be free from any kind of harm and inequality they experienced against them. Violence, mistreatment, and being unrecognized or underrepresented in terms of leadership are just a few of how much they go through every day.

Each one of us can help stop the discrimination girls and women are facing. We can advocate for these changes. May it be political or through social norms, as long as we can achieve equality in this era.


Extreme poverty has been reduced to 10% for the past decades. But still, we could not deny the fact that there are still a lot of people who live with only less than two dollars a day. This should not happen in the first place, since the world is filled with wealthy people.

Access to Electricity

Most people around the world now have access to electricity compared to the past. People can read, cook, and work comfortably in their homes. However, we still need to act quickly to provide the other 1 billion people who don’t have any access to electricity while simultaneously making good progress.


The number of malnourished people rose to 815 million in 2016. Some places on earth still need some help with a lot of people having very low sources of food. Drought and disasters are some of the main factors why global hunger still rises and now is the time to help each other and take action on it.

Climate Change

Climate change is a threat that can seriously worsen the living environment, social, and economic development in the world. It lessens the amount of natural and limited resources that we have. However, by progressing into a sustainable development type of society, we need not be worried about our limited resources running out.