Prolong the life of your clothes

One of the best ways to minimise waste and protect the natural environment is to buy less. Yet, in some situations, it does not seem to be possible. For example, when it comes to clothes, you might have a lot of garments which have not changed their properties except for one point which is actually rather important. They just look rather worn-out to be worn outside.

Needless to say, having such clothes in your wardrobe is nothing satisfying and you will be looking for opportunities to get something new. Then, once you get the clothes of your dreams, you should take better care of it in order to make it last for a longer time.

This article will provide you with several ideas which will help you to use your favourite pieces of clothes a way longer than usually. Yet, there is one condition as the clothes should be of a high quality in the first place.

Choose the most delicate mode for washing your clothes as possible

First of all, it will be great for both the environment and your garments to use the most delicate mode for washing your clothes. This certainly means the lowest possible temperature of water, however, it might be less obvious for the mode of washing itself. Some people choose quick washing cycles for such a purpose, however, it does not necessarily work right in all of the cases. Sometimes, choosing a mode with cold water earmarked for delicate fabrics or wool will be the best options. Note that quick washing cycles will indeed expose your clothes to detergents, water and high temperature for a short time, however, they are still pretty intensive when it comes to the process of washing.

In fact, the best option for saving your clothes will be manual washing, albeit you might prefer using it for the most beloved pieces of clothes as well as the ones of the most complex design which can be easily ruined by automated washing cycles.

Find the best frequency for washing your clothes

Considering the fact it is better to wash your clothes with the most delicate washing cycles possible, you might be wondering how you can actually apply such a rule. Indeed, if you do not wear your clothes too long, it will be enough to just slightly fresh it with a delicate washing cycle or even by doing it manually. Yet, it also means, you will have to do it more frequently.

At the same time, if you wear your clothes for a longer time, you will have to use a more severe washing cycle for it which will be more harmful. How can you balance these things?

It will be helpful for you to think about the way your clothes becomes dirty and how long does it take for it to get dirty. Certainly, this time is not equal for all of your garments as well. One of the facts is sure. Even one cycle of washing in a pretty high temperature can be damaging for your clothes so, it is more sensible to freshen your clothes more frequently with gentle washing rather than expose it to the severe washing conditions once in a while.

Sort your clothes carefully

Many people use only the rule of colour when it comes to sorting their clothes before washing. Certainly, such a practice itself is highly useful as it will help you to protect other garments from getting stained with the pigments released by darker fabrics.

Still, it is highly recommended to be careful about the types of clothes you are washing as well. Not all of it requires equally high temperature. Not all of the clothes is equally dirty.

It will be of a great help to read the information about each piece of your clothes before you decide to wash it and see whether some garments can really go together safely.

Use bags for washing

One of the best ways to protect your clothes is to use special bags for washing your garments. With their help you will be able to isolate some particularly delicate pieces of clothes is case you want to wash them with other clothes. At the same time, you can isolate a garment which has elements potentially dangerous for other clothes you are going to wash. For instance, you can put a bra inside such a bag which can itself be damaged and can also damage other clothes.

Check the exact requirements for ironing

It is also crucial to be aware of the most appropriate requirements for ironing when it comes to a particular piece of clothes. Again, the higher the temperature of ironing you will be using, the more you will damage your clothes even if the material seems to withstand the temperature. It is more about a long-term impact which weakens the material of your clothes.

It might be impossible to make ironing less harmful for your clothes, albeit, it is not true. For example, you can hang the pieces of clothes which are particularly prone to get crumpled right after washing when the fabric is still wet. This will make it straighter.