Five Ways to Stop Pollution

Notice how it’s always too cold or too hot or how the weather is always changing and very spontaneous? Of course, how can anyone miss it right? The climate change we’re experiencing is due to Earth’s temperature levels rising because of global warming. The main cause of global warming? Pollution. And what causes pollution? None other than humans. If we don’t act on this now, then when? In this article, I’m going to discuss five effective ways to become zero waste!

 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The three Rs are quite famous yet we rarely stick by them. With these three you can live a waste-free life in no time! Reducing the purchase of new items, reusing old items by still putting them to good use instead of throwing them away, and the proper recycling of non-biodegradable items. Easier said than done but very worth it!

No more plastic

No more plastic just means avoiding the use and purchase of items that are in plastic packaging or basically items that are made out of plastic. Plastic isn’t biodegradable so it doesn’t decompose easily, we just keep increasing its number and by this, we’re causing problems to our environment. So say no to plastic now!

Saving Electricity

We light our houses by burning fossil fuels all around the globe which is a big contributor to global warming. The lights from huge cities that we sometimes live in create nasty light pollution too. If we turn off our appliances when not in use, we can save energy and by doing this we are stopping two forms of pollution at once!

Conserving Water

Water-saving techniques can take less water from natural water sources which also keeps our environment clean and healthy. If we conserve the water we use, we’re decreasing wastewater treatments and also conserve the energy used to treat water, another two in one solution!

Eco-friendly Alternatives

Looking for eco-friendly alternatives to activities that usually require us to use a huge amount of water and energy, or makes us produce more waste is the most effective way to stop the different kinds of pollution. Becoming zero waste is not a bad thing and it can save us along with our planet!
One little action may not seem like much, but once we practice these and see to our environment’s welfare, every little action from us creates a huge change. We live in a world where things are made easier for us but this easiness has come with a heavy price that is not even worth paying if it means that we’ll see our planet dying. The five effective ways to stop pollution are already a good start! So what are we waiting for? Become zero waste and eco-friendly today!