Five reasons why Wildlife Conservation is important

Ever knocked a row of dominoes over? Looks cool right? Watching piece after piece getting knocked down after the other. If you’re not familiar with this concept, it’s called “The Domino Effect”. Where you see that one small action can lead to a whole lot of new reactions! But see what happens when let’s say a piece or two goes missing or is taken away. This immediately puts an end to that effect. Now let’s apply that to the environment we live in. We are in a loop where this ‘effect’ continuously takes place. My existence affects your existence just like how our species affects every other species in this world, this includes the wildlife that surrounds us. So can you imagine what happens when one species in the wild disappears or goes extinct? Well in this article, I’m going to show you that.

1. Source of Needs

Since we rely on different species of plants and animals for what we consume in our daily lives. We should also know that it’s just right that we start valuing them by taking good care of them and preserving their existence while we still can.

2. Biodiversity

We can call an ecosystem healthy if it has a lot of diversity. This simply means, by having a wide variety of animal and plant species, increases the resistance of each organism to different diseases and this includes us!

3. Maintaining Ecosystems

Animals and plants play a huge part in maintaining different ecosystems. May it be on land, air, or in water, they contribute to the needs of the ecosystem by simply just existing in their respective habitats. Like how we can contribute to our surroundings by staying where we should.

4. Proper Balance

Different animals and plants that we may not even encounter in our daily life are also affected by our actions and choices. A lot of animals lose their homes and even die because of what we’re doing to our planet. When they disappear, it creates a dangerous threat to each existence left in its wake.

5. Preserving Habitats

When animals lose their homes, they are most likely to be killed in this process of losing their natural habitat. We even invade their space by creating buildings where they should be living or for the sake of businesses. If we preserve their homes, they can stay where they should rightfully be and live on.

It is important to know that it is us humans who are responsible for the harm that is done to wildlife so it is also us who are responsible for the restoration and protection of it. We need to stop what we’re doing that is causing this damage, because as long as we can protect and conserve wildlife, the circle of life will continue to thrive. It is only a matter of time before we realize that we’re too late and the damage we’ve done is irreversible. So let’s not wait for another piece to go missing or for every species to disappear. Because little do we know… it could be ours that’s next.