Resign from these popular products for your health and the health of our planet

More and more modern people start realising the risks of consumption of heavily processed foods. While the majority of such products has a lot of chemical substances that can directly interfere with our health causing serious problems, even if these products are relatively clean from such additives, they are also clean from any nutritional value apart from a massive amount of easily digestible carbohydrates that are one of the most common culprits of the decline of human’s health.

Still, many people are not aware of the fact such products are also extremely dangerous for our planet.

Juice-like sweet beverages

Fortunately, more and more people understand today the risks of drinking sweet beverages. Unfortunately, a great number of them has switched to fruit juices and even worse, to juice-like beverages. Indeed, juices tend to be rather expensive and many people cannot afford buying them frequently. Yet, juice-like sweet beverages are giving an impression of being absolutely healthy, especially if you find information about added vitamins.

In reality, these products are just masking their poor content which is still extremely rich in carbohydrates. Even if there are sweeteners instead of natural sugar, it does not make them safe for your health as sweeteners tend to destroy natural gut environment. At the same time, the maximum amount of juice in such products is usually no more than 10%.

Now, imagine how detrimental it is for the natural environment to hold the production of such beverages, especially since the majority of them require Tetra Pack packaging which cannot be recycled.

Flavoured popcorn

Certainly, it is not possible to have popcorn anytime you want if it is not already cooked. Yet, popcorn is the product that can be easily made at home where you can make sure it has only the oil of the highest quality and no unwanted additives. If you manage to make your popcorn from popcorn seeds without any oils, it will be even suitable for people looking for the ways to reduce their calorie intake.

You can easily buy popcorn seeds without any packages at all which will make this choice particularly environmentally-friendly. At the same time, you can choose a ready-to-use product with a large amount of salt or sugar, artificial flavours and plastic package. It is obvious which choice you should make if you are willing to take care of your health and our planet.

Instant noodles

Instant noodles can be packaged in different ways however all of them are bad for the natural environment. While there is a small chance a plastic bag can be recycled afterwards, it is absolutely impossible if noodles are packaged in a special bowl made of paper and a layer of polymer. This is the same type of the packaging that is used for coffee outside.

Of course, there is no need to speak about the quality of such products in the first place. There is a common belief they are a common choice of students who cannot afford normal meals, however, if you have ever tried a diet based on instant noodles, you are certainly aware of the fact it is hardly possible to feel satiation after having one portion of them. Many people prefer making several packages of noodles as a single dish as they are simply not enough. At the same time, their price is not at all thus small if you compare it to the price of normal noodles or pasta.

Certainly, its major advantage is the fact such a dish is indeed instant and you can have it within minutes. Still, taking all of the disadvantages of such a meal, it should be really easy for you to resign from choosing it.

Sweet yogurts

Sweet yogurts are one of the most controversial products. Many people believe they can actually boost their immune system by having such products due to their bacteria of lactic fermentation. Unfortunately, it does not work like that with yogurts filled with chemical additives and sweeteners. On top of that, the majority of such products do not even have whole milk as they were made of powdered milk.

Again, the more complicated the process of a product manufacturing is, the more technology it involves which results in increased pollution and resource consumption. You certainly do not want to contribute to it.