What can you do with the wine you have not finished?

There are many possible situations in which you will be left with remains of wine, either it is the wine you did not like or it is an unnecessary opened bottle. In any case, you should refrain from pouring your wine into the sink as there are many ways of utilising the beverage.

In this article we will assume you have already reached the limit of your culinary abilities and you have not desire to add the wine you hate into your food. In such a case, you might find the ideas in this article quite curious.

Use wine for cosmetics procedures

Even though it is not thus common to come across any beauty procedures including wine, although there is probably a couple of facial masks with wine extract available on the market, wine used to be one of the major beauty products in ancient Rome and Greece. For example, the beauties of that time enjoyed taking wine baths.

You can actually do the same as well. Of course, you do not have to fill the entire bathtub with wine. It is enough to add only three cups of it. The maximum effect for your skin will be giving by red wine which can nourish skin, brighten it, disinfect and act as a mild acid peeling.

You can also use wine for cosmetics applying it directly on your skin. The best way to do it is to make ice-cubes of wine, however, you can just apply a small amount of wine on a cotton disc and gently wipe your skin with it.

One of the greatest effects of such a procedure is fighting with free radicals revitalising your skin. In addition to it, this will also prepare your skin for applying other cosmetic products that will be able to get into deeper layers of skin.

By the way, wine can also be an ingredient of many other homemade masks not only for skin but also for hair. The great thing about this product is that it is suitable for skin and hair of different types.

Other useful ways for using the wine you do not want to drink

This is not the end of our recommendations for using the wine you have but do not like. Actually, wine can be a very useful multi-purpose product for various cleansing purposes.

Getting rid of limestone

For example, just like vinegar, red wine can be very useful for getting rid of limestone in the kitchen and this is a particularly great idea for everyone who would like to minimise the negative impact of chemical substances on the natural environment. Red wine left on surfaces for some ten minute can successfully dissolve the limestone. Of course, it is recommended to use this product on metallic surfaces that cannot be discoloured by the pigments of this beverage.

Furthermore, you can wash your kettle of limestone which is a particularly great idea. Indeed, even if you do not care about the nature so much (which is highly unlikely since you are a reader of our website), you can at least minimise your own exposure to harsh chemicals by substituting them with a natural product. Just add around two teaspoons of wine into your kettle as well as two tablespoons of sugar and boil the ingredients with water.

Getting rid of unpleasant smells

Red wine is also a perfect natural product that can help you to neutralise unpleasant smells including particularly severe ones such as the smells of fish. In order to make use of your red wine for this purpose, you should cover the tableware with a small amount of wine and leave it in such a way for at least five minutes. Afterwards do the dishes as usually.

Wash the windows with wine

You might have already heard about using vinegar for washing windows and other types of glass and you might even be using this product for one of such purposes. Yet, if the wine you have and do not want to drink is white, you can also try to add just a couple spoons of white wine to the water with which you are going to wash the windows at home and you will be able to do it without any difficulties.