How can you finish the wine you do not like?

Let’s say from the very beginning that eating or drinking something you really do not like is not the best idea, even if you are very serious about the Zero Waste philosophy. This is particularly true for the alcohol that is by no means a healthy product so there is definitely no sense in torturing yourself harming both your body and your senses by finishing the wine you hated from the very beginning and particularly in the case if you really felt bad after consuming the drink.

Yet, you might still be wondering about the possible ways of using such a drink and actually, there are several ways of consuming it after certain transformations discussed in this article.

Add your wine into dishes

While it is possible to make various cocktails with wine and some people are really pretty creative with their ideas, particularly nasty wine may still spoil all of your attempts. An exception to the rule is probably mulled wine which can be prepared out of any type of wine. that is so since wine with the increase of temperature will lose a part of its components including the ones that you did not like as well as softens the taste of the alcohol.

For that reason, the wine that tastes bad is also a great addition to various warm dishes. The major rule for using wine in culinary is not to be too generous and to keep the amount of wine quite modest. In addition to it, it will be helpful for your to use particular types of wine with particular dishes. Usually, the rule is similar to the ones used for paring wine and food.

Thus, white wine is an excellent choice for Italian risotto. Actually, in the case of this dish, wine is a necessary ingredient and not just the result of an attempt of using the wine you would like to get rid from. Other dishes that go perfectly well with white wine are various creamed sups and sauces especially the ones you are going to add to salads or fish.

When it comes to red wine, it is a better choice for meat dishes, particularly the ones made of red meat. Yet, apart being an excellent choice for beef dishes, you can also add red wine into different desserts. Actually, you can use this beverage as a syrup made in the way similar to millet wine, yet with an addition of a greater amount of sugar.

Make vinegar out of your wine

If you would like to purchase wine vinegar, you will see it costs quite a lot especially considering the small amount of this product in the bottle. In fact, there is absolutely nothing difficult in preparing such vinegar on your own.

Actually, vinegar is made in the way similar to the alcohol itself, however, the process of alcohol fermentation includes different species of microorganisms which are working with sugar without oxygen. If oxygen comes into play, fermentation can change its course and turn the product into vinegar, however, there is one limitation factor that is the amount of alcohol in the beverage. The more alcohol there is already, the slower will be the activity of the microorganisms working on vinegar production.

Anyway, to make your vinegar, you just need to leave the bottle with wine opened. In all likelihood, it will take around two weeks for fermentation to be completed and you will get natural wine vinegar with excellent taste without extra expenses.