Eco-friendly ways of freshening your wardrobe up for spring

The spring is coming and, even if you do not need anything new for your wardrobe, you might be willing to get something new just for pleasure. Indeed, it is a new season and soon one will not have to wear heavy winter coats, so some new pieces of clothes will be very much welcome.

Of course, there is always a question how you can add some new garments to your wardrobe in an ecologically-friendly manner. Certainly, purchasing new things every season without any practical purpose is not necessarily in tact with the Zero Waste approach, however, there are still plenty of options in which you can get new clothes for your spring creations. An extra benefit is that you might be able to come across fantastic things for a very small or no price at all. This article will guide you through such possibilities.

Swapping things

You might have already heard about swapping things ort offering the things you own in exchange for the things someone else has and wants to get rid of. This is a great opportunity to add some extra fashion to your wardrobe without paying any money.

One of the most obvious ways to exchange clothes is certainly to search through the options available online, however, this might take a lot of time. You should also consider the time needed for showing all of the things you are ready to give for particular piece of clothes or an accessory. Still, there is a more convenient way for getting new clothes which is attending so-called swaps or swapping parties. These are meetings which are organised specifically with a view to exchanging clothes and this might be a more convenient way to explore the variety of pieces of fashion offered by other people and finding a new owner for your own things. An amazing things about such meetings is the fact people are supposed to bring there things in a very good quality which they either do not like anymore or just cannot wear because of some person issues. At the same time, the probability of getting into a monotonous checking of old and absolutely worn-out pieces of clothes is highly improbable.

Note, that some swap parties might require a payment of entrance fee, albeit many of them are absolutely free. You can look for such meetings online and you can also organise one on your own.

Free market meetings

You can also pay attention to the free market meetings. Actually, their idea is very similar to the idea of swap parties, although swap parties are specialising in fashion and the items connected to it, while free market meetings are about everything you have at home and do not need anymore.

It is certainly worth spending some time attending such meetings as you might get a chance to find something useful and really interesting there. Again, as a rule people are not taking any real garbage there which will be of no use for others as it is more about the things which are no longer used by a person and yet, still in a good quality.

Second-hand stores

Do not forget about second-hand stores where you can come across a great variety of nice clothes. Of course, some of the second-hand stores are better than others, however, they are certainly worth to explore if you want to save the natural resources and refrain from supporting overconsumption. Certainly, it is also an amazing way to save your money.

Pay your attention to the fact fashion manufacturing is getting greater and greater creating new collections on a regular basis. In all likelihood, you believe the times when new collections were released with the beginning of a new season. Currently, fashion brands are adding new pieces of clothes, shoes and accessories to their collection every week causing immense overproduction. As a result, the quality of the goods available in second-hand stores is getting higher since many people are caught in the cycle of constant purchasing of clothes and getting rid of the old one.

By the way, if your size is not particularly popular, you can also visit second-hand stores before the arrival of a new portion of clothes which usually happens every week. On such days, the majority of second-hand stores are selling their goods with extremely large discounts of even 90%. Then, if your size is really not the most popular, you will have many opportunities to get something really unique and of a great quality for an extremely small price on such occasions.

Communities of online shops

If you explore your favourite social networks, there is a high probability, you will find communities of people who have purchase some goods but they did not suit them for some reasons and now they are trying to sell them for a modest price. This is a great opportunity to get brand-new things for a small price.

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  1. Some of the best clothes I’ve found were in second hand. I recommend it to everyone.

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