These Zero Waste options are available to everyone

Many people are not deciding to include the principles of Zero Waste in their life believing they will make everything rather complicated. Indeed, some of the things are more difficult to be done, however, there are many choices you can make on a daily basis which are absolutely in tact with the principles of the Zero Waste philosophy. This article will give you such ideas.

Use reusable bottles for water

Certainly, it is not a secret that purchasing a bottle of water any time you are going out generates a lot of trash. Even though bottles can be recycled, a way more ecological approach to the problem is the prevention of creating garbage in the first place.

As you can imagine, this can be done by purchasing a reusable bottle. Such bottles are made of different materials and have various styles, however metal ones might be the best options.

While reusable plastic bottles are the lightest ones which is definitely a great advantage, unfortunately, they have a rather limited lifespan. Even though some bottles are made of plastic of a very high quality, this type of material still tends to release chemicals into the products stored in it. In addition to it, plastic bottles are more prone to absorb the taste of the drinks you carried in such a bottle. Even if there is nothing dangerous for your health, one day you might find you’re your plastic bottle smelling rather funny and nothing will let you get rid of this smell so you will just need to buy another one. Of course, this is still better than buying disposable plastic bottles every day, however, a small amount of trash will still be left and you will also lose money on such a good.

Glass bottles can look gorgeous and they are a way more resistant to chemical reactions than plastic materials. Yet, apart from being fragile, such bottles are also rather heavy, so they can be rather unpractical.

For these reasons metal bottles can be the best option of all of the variants available on the market.

Of course, in the long run, using reusable bottles is also more budget-friendly than purchasing bottles with water. In addition to it, you always have a chance of making exactly the drink you want. Some bottles will also allow you to keep the temperature of your drink, so you will be able to have a warm drink or a cold one whenever you want.

Switch to reusable shopping bags

Undeniably, a great approach is using reusable bags instead of plastic ones sold in the shops. Such bags can also be a small source of economy and many people actually find them more convenient than plastic ones as you can carry them in different ways.

Unfortunately, you can come across so-called biodegradable plastic bags the idea of which is also misunderstood by the majority of people because of the misleading name used for these bags. Of course, it can make an impression that such bags can get degraded in the nature, however, what really happens is just that they are getting degraded into small pieces of plastic earlier than other plastic materials. In fact, this does no good to the nature as such small plastic pieces will require the same amount of time for degradation than larger ones.

That is why it is really crucial to stop using disposable plastic packages whenever possible.

For the same reasons you certainly should resign from packing vegetables and fruits into plastic bags during shopping. This is especially true for purchasing a small amount of fruits or vegetables, for example, a single orange or a single onion.  There are also many alternatives to plastic bags allowing you to keep all of your purchases neat and in order while not using plastic bags.

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  1. I absolutely love the move away from plastic bottles. I don’t understand why people buy half liter bottles of water every day

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