5 Things You Can Do to Help the Planet Earth in 2021

2021, the year full of challenges in life. Yet, a lot of people still find ways to help save our environment, our country, and our planet earth from the effects of climate change.

So today, we will be discussing things you can do to help save the planet earth.

Reduce Electricity Use

Some of the easiest ways to help our planet are to turn off your appliances when not in use, turning off lights when you don’t need them, and unplugging any outlets when you are already done using them.

Switching to a renewable source of energy instead of non-renewable ones is also a good choice. Not only will you save money, but you can also help the earth since renewable energy produces fewer emissions than fossil fuel power plants.

Recycle Things

Recycling is way better than throwing unwanted things which can only lead to more landfills. You can always repair the items instead of replacing them with new ones. Be productive and creative.

Reuse Plastic Bottles

One of the biggest threats to nature is plastic. It is non-biodegradable and can take MANY years to decompose in landfills.

Reusing plastic bottles into water bottles, turning them into a container, and a planter, are some of the best ways to recycle them. There’s just so much we can do with plastic bottles and help our planet earth.

Drive Less

In this pandemic, you can’t go out anytime and anywhere like you used to do then. Driving less can actually help our planet since vehicles create tailpipe gas emissions. Rather, you can use different modes of transportations like biking, walking, or using public transportations. 

You can also switch to an electric vehicle. A bit pricey, but a really good investment.

Eco-friendly Bathroom

Every time you turn off the shower while rinsing your hair, or turning off the water while brushing your teeth can have a good impact on the earth. Also, fixing leaky faucets is pretty easy and cheap. Switching to filtered tap water instead of plastic bottles can also help reduce tons of waste.